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At DeliverRer We believe that you should know and be able to trust the individual picking up and delivering your food, groceries and packages.

When you choose DeliverRer, you get the same deliverer each and every time for your deliveries order pick up or your grocery shopping,

Each one of our deliverers at DeliveRer has a minimum 3 years’ experience in customer service and with delivering packages, grocery shopping, picking up orders at the restaurants, fast food and retails stores in your local area. 

With the same Deliverer, we prevent and solve a-lot of issues and problems that occur with multiple deliverers such as missing orders, packages, and items. 

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We deliver everything


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Stay Home! Let us go Shopping for You

Avoid Traffic Crowded Stores & Long Lines. We shop & deliver . 

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Reliable Service Every Time

Don’t worry about any of your deliveries being canceled, missing or your deliverer delivering to the wrong address. We guarantee that you will not experience any of these issues with your personal deliverer.

How does it work

Try us and see how good our services are.

Swift Delivery

Most deliveries delivered in less than 20 min.

Trusted Service

We make sure you get what you order on all your deliveries.

Friendly Deliverer

We provide excellent customer service & deliver with a smile.

Fast Delivery

Always on time

Safety Protocol

We respect non-contact.

24/7 Service

Available at all times

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We deliver for some of the biggest companies in the world. Let us name drop a few. 

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Amisha Kent Customer

Delivery was on time, and I received all my items. The deliverer was professional and friendly.

Cedric Customer

I always get my items that I order. The customer service is awesome.

Latonya Customer

I love the fact that I don't have to deal with different deliverers or my items being missing. Thanks DeliverRer


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3 years minimum customer service, delivering packages, picking up orders at restaurants and retail stores.

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Over 8 years Delivering in Las Vegas. We Proudly represent our city & community. Join us in helping making life easier for others. 

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